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Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co., Ltd. 86-755-23109062-807 Gracelee@qihang-lcm.com
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We focus on TFT LCD Screen Module, Graphic LCD Display Module, Character LCD Display Module, COG LCD Module services and so on

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China Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qihang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qihang Electronic Technology Co,. Ltd., is a 2012 established company having specialization in research, design, development and production of liquid crystal display modules. We make excellent use of human and capital resources to bring forth products of matchless quality. We, as a manufacturer employ modern technology to design and produce LCD, LCM and TFT. Aforesaid products find active usage in industries such as finance, instrumentation, medical equipment, household appliances, communication, industrial control, vehicle electronics, electronic toys, electricity, security management and more. We have some strong business connections with far-famed companies located in Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc., which cooperate with our needs for base materials for producing products. ...

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Our services cover all industries and reach all parts of the world.We can make all kinds of products for you according to your design.


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